Mossant hats – Leonetti Cappiello, 1938

A TRUE CLASSIC IN THE ADVERTISING WORLD “Mossant” lithograph in colours, designed by Leonetto Cappiello, published by Les Editions Nouvelles…

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Mossant” lithograph in colours, designed by Leonetto Cappiello, published by Les Editions Nouvelles Cappiello Edimo in Paris 1938, Size 160 x 115 cm.

Mossant was a famous brand of hats manufactured in France and well known in the United States for most of the twentieth century. The company was founded by Charles Mossant in the nineteenth century, and by 1929 1,200 employees made more than 2,000 hats a day. Half of them were directly shipped to the U.S.

This poster created by Cappiello for Mossant is a true classic image in the advertising world. Showing the arms of three men simultaneously raising their hats in greeting, this unique poster is both elegant and humorous.

Leonetto Cappiello (1875-1942) is seen as the father of the modern poster. He created imagery and compositions that were nothing short of revolutionary. Traditional turn-of-the-century posters featured elegant imagery and soft lighting, highlighting the romanticism of the Belle Epoque era. Characteristic for Cappiello is his attention to one catchy subject, usually humorous, with exuberant colours, an image that you understand immediately and that you will never forget.

Cappiello made advertisements for a variety of industries: beverages, travel, sports, cigarettes, cigars, and theaters in both France and Italy. Many of his images not only influenced subsequent generations of artists, but have become sought-after icons today. This poster was produced towards the end of his prolific career.

Mossant’s felt hat production ceased entirely in 1953. Since then, the brand has been associated with high-quality sportswear, nylon and Tergal cotton, such as raincoats or ski jackets.

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