www.thedaaf.com – 9-11 april 2021

The Corona pandemic has closed fairs, galleries, museums and exhibitions worldwide. In order to offer art-lovers and -buyers an event at this time, a high-quality unmissable art fair will be organized online from 9 to 11 April 2021.

This first Dutch online Art and Antiques fair: The Dutch Art & Antiques Fair – www.thedaaf.com is organized by the members of the Royal Dutch Association of Antiques Dealers (KVHOK). Everyone who is anyone in the Netherlands will take part.

The art and antiques trade is becoming increasingly digital. Online presence is essential in this day and age. Accessibility on the internet, clear information, user-friendly websites, transparent prices. The landscape has changed.

Almost 50 exhibitors have a “stand” at www.thedaaf.com, each presenting 21 pieces. New acquisitions in the most diverse fields: from engravings to glassware, Dutch Masters to Russian Icons, from the grandeur of Louis XVI to the thoughtful simplicity of 20th-century designs, Fine Jewellery and Asian Art, and much more for which the Dutch art trade is known for. Exceptional pieces that would look good also on TEFAF and PAN Amsterdam.

At this first Dutch online fair, objects will be visible in various “shop windows” and when clicked, descriptions and additional photos will be available. There are no impersonal shopping carts to be found, after all, it remains a business in which it is nice to meet the dealers, listen to their stories and be nourished with knowledge. The exhibitors will be ready and available to answer questions and to talk to visitors “live” via email or telephone.

Experienced buyers will likely first visit the galleries known to them, but in a multidisciplinary fair the step to another exhibitor is quickly made. This has always been the case with physical fairs and is even easier online. The Dutch Art & Antiques Fair will offer an exciting opportunity for both new and established collectors to discover exceptional works for sale from exhibitors spanning every major market discipline.


All artworks will be visible from Friday, April 9 at 2 p.m. and the fair will close on Sunday 11 April at 9 p.m. Every visitor who purchases an item on April 9 will receive a complimentary bottle of champagne to enhance the feeling of a celebration, similar to the glass of champagne served during the openings of physical fairs.